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Criminal Justice-Fundamentals Explained

Crimes of violence, shoplifting and much more are counted among threats that carry a possibility of a jail term if convicted. Such cases are media sensitive and evoke pressure and powerful emotional responses from a misinformed public. Certain facts related with the imprisonment and arbitrary detention is there which will be explained in this article.


If any person is arrested he has three rights. The first right is one need to be informed of why he has been arrested. Another right is, right to counsel and the third right is to Habeas Corpus which means to only be detained in lawful circumstances.

The third right is the right to liberty and not to be arbitrarily imprisoned or detained. And the right not to be arbitrarily imprisoned or detained comes from the section that resulted in judges carefully sorting out the conditions in which a police professional can hold the person in custody or can limit the free movement.


The circumstances which are more than keeping a person in a room or put into any kind of physical restraints is called as detention. Detection has a broad meaning in which the police officer uses compulsion to check the movement of a person by a direction or demand which may have certain legal consequences.

For example, if any person is asked by the police to go the police station for blood-alcohol breath sample test without consulting or hiring any criminal defense lawyer, it means the right to hire the attorney is being detained and this means the rights of the person is violated


Any person does not have the right to not be arbitrarily detained. In the criminal justice system, the police have the right to imprison people but it is limited to the circumstances when the detention reasons are legally authorized.

Detention by police

Authorities or police has the right to detain you when it is legal. If any person is convicted of any crime or charged with a crime before getting bail, the police have the right to detain the person. There are certain times when the detention cannot violate your rights. The police can detain you on the basis of reasonable grounds and if the detention is necessary.